Foodies Magazine on ISHKA Edinburgh

Foodies Magazine on ISHKA Edinburgh

Chiara Margiotta from Foodies Magazine hails ISHKA as one of the top restaurant picks this month….

I was lucky enough to make my way to ISHKA just days after they opened.

Slick and modern, this new restaurant and cocktail bar manages to be contemporary while still being welcoming & approachable – a philosophy that can be seen in the creatively classic menu too.

Hedgerow JulepThe seared pigeon breast starter, paired with the traditional flavours of puy lentils and beetroot, was given a creative edge from darkly tangy cherry balsamic vinegar while the gazpacho pulled around the dressed crab made for a gorgeously cool, subtle summer starter. Matched with the fruity fresh Hedgerow Julep, we knew we were only a good start.

A Sottano Malbec made a hearty pairing to my lamb rump which, although slightly overcooked for my carnivorous tastes, still had good flavour and was nicely accompanied by 2 particularly flavourful haggic bonbons.

The chocolate & blackcurrant brownie is surely the softest and gooeyest in town, while the apple meringue with pistachio cakes is a bright delight. Get down before you can’t get your foot in the door for the crowds.

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